A Casa do Azulejo

The Casa do Azulejo is a ceramics and tile atelier founded by the ceramist Ana Dominguez, who intends to divulge and train students in the art of Potuguese tile, and contemporary ceramics.

From the old tile technique, with deep roots in the Portuguese culture and tradition, to the ancient art of ceramics, all have a place in this atelier, built to celebrate and pass all this knowledge.

Book a class or a workshop with us. Our doors are open and we would be delighted to share with you our passion for these arts.

Ana Dominguez

After working for more than twenty years in Education, Ana Dominguez decided to give form to her passion for stories, shapes, and colours through clay and tiles.

In 2017 established A Casa do Azulejo, an atelier dedicated to the Portuguese Tile, nonetheless it’s not limited to that. Her passion for Raku, that “perfect imperfection”, led her to explore this millennial Japanese technique, so in 2019, she created a brand inspired in the magical ceremonial of Raku and the flow of time. Thus was born Ana Dominguez Ceramics, a brand that tells the stories of which we are made of.

“The painting of tiles is a form of telling a story through our own creativity. It’s a process truly magical, be it for the metamorphosis of the colour, for for the countless possibilities of artistic expression that it allows or for the cultural testimony that it represents.” – Ana Dominguez