The beauty of imperfection

“ Unique moments, to be perfect, cannot be reproduced. Thus is Raku which intertwines our hands in the harmony of time. Raku is the perfect imperfection of our time.”

Ana Dominguez

The pieces created by Ana Dominguez Ceramics speak about what overcomes time and the beauty of imperfection.

Established in 2019, Ana Dominguez Ceramics is the result of the work and experimentation that Ana Dominguez has been developing in her ceramics atelier, this space open to the public was initially dedicated to Portuguese tile.

Colour and Time are elements always present in Ana Dominguez Ceramics brand, inspired in the Japanese Tradition of Raku.

Each piece transmits, in a unique way, the stories and moments which we are made of.

“Raku is the harmony of time within a piece.”

Ana Dominguez